About Us

Founded in 2014, we are a non-profit social enterprise alliance that intends to employ business strategies aimed at significantly improving the lives and well-being of the thousands of Syrian-Armenians impacted by the ravaging war in Syria. 

About the Name

The Redwood’s majestic height and solidity is derived not from singular deep roots but rather by growing close together with other Redwoods and intermingling root systems. Similarly, the Armenian Redwood Project is dependent on the intermingling of organizations, donors, and stakeholders working closely together in order to achieve great heights and tackle important causes like the civil war in Syria and its impact on Syrian-Armenian refugees.

What We're Doing

Our primary responsibility is to raise both national and international awareness of the inhumanity of the war in Syria, by bringing special attention to the Christian Armenian sector caught in the conflict. Specific attention will be given to the thousands of displaced refugees that live within and outside Syria, and to the extent possible the communities that remain in the conflict zones (Aleppo, Kessab), which, as numbers escalate, represent the biggest humanitarian crisis of this generation. In the formative phase, we'll focus on providing affordable housing to refugees that have taken refuge and are trying to rebuild a new life in the Republic of Armenia (see Washington Post article here).

Given the shifting nature of the conflict and the ongoing needs of the Syrian-Armenian refugees, we intend to focus efforts on key outreach projects that will ultimately help assist the refugees re-build their lives and become independent, self-supporting citizens in their new community settings. We conduct opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis, and other empirical social science research to help inform how to best assist Syrian-Armenian refugees.

Our model drives action in the following ways:

  • Global Awareness by implementing wide spread grass roots dissemination of the latest news on the Syrian War and its impact on Syrian-Armenians.

  • Integrate a robust social media component to build interactive dialogue, invite participation, and social sharing.

  • Implement a worldwide, donation-based crowd-funding platform to raise funds of which 100% will go directly towards assisting Syrian-Armenian refugees.

  • Assistance Intervention Programs that are low cost and high impact organized under well- defined projects and supervised by vetted volunteers and PT staffers from the Diaspora.

  • Create a Pan-Armenian Alliance made up of various stakeholders intended to support the launch of a nationwide telethon effort in the fall of 2014 to raise seed funding necessary to help sustain the support of the refugees.

  • Our commitment to complete transparency.

  • Laying the foundation for a sustainable institution that addresses the needs of this and various Armenian groups in the future.