Leadership Team to be announced shortly.


Dr Audrey Selian - Impact Investing and Social Enterprise expert
Sarah Leah Whitson

Founding donors

Projects cost money to develop. Until such time as an operational budget is raised to fund this beneficial project for Syrian-Armenian refugees, and in order not to lose any time, the initial feasibility expenses is being underwritten by founding donors as well as the Ani & Narod Memorial Fund Inc., a private family foundation based in the USA. The initial "seed funds" will be used to engage in a global capital campaign and also hopefully realize the broadcast of the first Pan-Armenian Telethon.

Founding team members (in progress)

Von Bedikian
Talin Yacoubian

Supporting Photojournalists and artists:

Ara Oshagan - Photgraphy in Bourj Hammoud Lebanon
Eric Grigorian - Photography in Armenia                                                                                                                                                       
Avo John Kambourian - Filmmaker

Ghadah Alrawi - Photography in Armenia of refugee families in the Affordable Housing Program
Shoghak Kazandjian - Graphics


Alin Hannessian, Housing Programs Manager

Anna Avetisyan, Programs Coordinator

Operating partners

American University of Armenia (AUA)
Center For Coordination of Syrian Armenian Issues
National Social Housing Association (ASBA)
Repat Armenia
Mission Armenia NGO

Sponsoring organizations
To be announced shortly.

In-Kind donors
To be announced shortly. 

Supporting individuals like YOU

Help generate awareness about this humanitarian crisis which, without question, is the most urgent Armenian issue at this moment. Your contribution ensures Syrian-Armenian refugees, whose very survival is at stake, get what they need to rebuild their lives. Your donation will help provide safe housing, clothing, food, clean water, and medical care and help in enrolling children in schools.